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Summer Camps are certainly not the only thing we do at Skyline, but it has always been a central piece of our reason for being. We approach summer camp with a great deal of preparation...


Our Focus

The safety, welfare and well-being of all our campers.


Our Philosophy

Skyline’s spirituality begins with wonder and gratitude for every blessing; no camper is expected to bring a particular belief background, and all will be welcomed as they are. With Skyline’s roots in Christian values, we encourage in our campers a sense of compassion, a respect for creation, and an embrace of creativity. Values of fairness, kindness, beauty, diversity and generosity are modeled, expected and celebrated.


Our Intentions

  • That every camper has fun.

  • That every camper feels safe and supported to explore new activities and adventures.

  • That every camper experiences unconditional love and acceptance, and that this grows beyond camp.

  • That every camper experiences a positive sense of the natural world, a positive sense of community, and a positive sense of self.



Skyline welcomes and serves all,

especially those in need, by creating sanctuary

for experiencing God's creation, spirit, & unconditional love

in a way that nurtures and transforms lives.

Summer Camp Goals & Intentions

Beyond the summer months, our diverse guest groups arrive with a variety of intentions.  


We see it as our task to welcome our guests and to facilitate an experience that is safe and successful - by whatever measure each group has.

Goals & Intentions for our guests