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DAY CAMPS 2018 This information will remain posted until we update with 2019 information in the fall season.

Spend your summer days at Skyline with your fellow campers and counselors, rain or shine. Mornings will be devoted to getting to know your groupmates and exploring camp together with your group counselor. Afternoons are our “Scatters,” a time when you get to choose which camp activities you want to try with campers from different groups. Afternoon activities may include archery, farm time, catch and release fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and more. Each day we aim to send campers home a little tired, a little dirty and a lot happy.



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Times, Dates & Pricing


8:30am - 5pm, Monday to Thursday

8:30am - 2pm, Friday


Day Camp 1: June 18-22

Day Camp 2: June 25-29

Day Camp 3: July 9-13

Day Camp 4: July 16-20

Day Camp 5: July 23-27

Day Camp 6: July 30-August 3

Day Camp 7: August 6-10

Day Camp 8: August 13-17



Weeks 1-7  $205 per week

Week 8 has an additional $50 fee.



  • Take $15 off for each extra week. In other words - take $15 off your second week, $30 off your third week, $45 off your fourth week etc.


  • Siblings discount 15% each sibling, each week**


*Weeks need not be consecutive.


** Sibling discount for Day Camps applies only when a sibling is in the same session.


See this page for the way the pricing works.


Skyline Day Camp Early Care  

from 7:30-8:30 am

$30 per child per week


Campers may arrive at camp as early as 7:30 am for our Early Care Program. A counselor will be present at this time to supervise campers in “quiet play” and help campers transition into a full day of camp. We will have board games, card games, puzzles, coloring and more available for campers to enjoy. Campers are welcome to bring a book from home if they wish!


You can register your camper for the full week of Early Care when registering. If you have any questions, you may contact our business office by phone, 248-644-2043, or email


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Day Camp 1 - June 18-22 ~ S’more Camp Fun

This week of day camp is a wonderful choice for first-time campers! Spend the day with a group of friends and camp counselors in the woods, rain or shine. Campers will have the opportunity to try archery, cooking lunch out over a fire and making s’mores, catch & release fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Create something in our makerspace, visit with the farm animals, dig in the garden, and go horseback riding. Each day there will be time for free play in the wilderness, singing camp songs, hiking, and swinging in the hammocks.


Day Camp 2 - June 25-29 ~ Ooey Gooey Fun

Mix different ingredients to create potions! Learn how to make oobleck, slime, playdough and more. Create a volcano out of papier-mâché, make castles out of mud at the Zone, and discover how to use fruit to make edible paints. All this and still there will be time to try getting time to try archery, fishing and boating, campfire cooking, and horseback riding.


Day Camp 3 - July 9-13 ~ A Bug’s Life

Spend the week learning about our creepy crawly friends at camp. Using magnifying glasses, we will get up close to the bugs at camp and create a bug guidebook. We will build bug homes, bug sculptures, and bug themed snacks. Enjoy free play in the woods, archery, canoeing, catch & release fishing, and more.


Day Camp 4 - July 16-20 ~ B.E.E.P

Build, Explore, Eat, and Play at camp this week! Work with your groupmates to build shelters, make grapevine crowns, and create something in our makerspace. Explore camp activity areas like archery, the pond, and the farm. Eat mulberries near the hammocks, discover edible plants as you hike from place to place, and help make day camp snacks. Enjoy the opportunity to play games, sing songs, and have fun with the other campers and counselors.


Day Camp 5 - July 23-27 ~ Around the World

Fill up your camp passport with stamps by visiting a new country every day. We will learn about their traditions, food, games, and culture. We hope to visit places such as England, Poland, Australia, and New Zealand, all the while still making time for our camp activities such as archery, catch and release fishing, free play at the Zone, makerspace, and boating.


Day Camp 6 - July 30-Aug 3 ~ Sports and Games

Join us for a week of outdoor gameplay! Enjoy soccer with the goats, parachute volleyball, and capture the rubber chicken. Work together with your counselor and groupmates to invent a new game and show other campers how to play. Play battleship at archery, canoe and kayak tag at the pond, and water games at the pool. You’ll have some time for free play in the woods, catch and release fishing, hammocking, and more.


Day Camp 7 - Aug 6-10 ~ Farm and Garden

Spend time exploring Skyline’s gardens and getting to know the farm animals at camp. Take turns caring for the animals throughout the day, using harvested food to create snacks for your fellow campers, planting new crops and playing in the dirt. You’ll also have time to choose to participate in traditional camp activities such as archery, boating and fishing, Zone time, and makerspace.


Day Camp 8 - Aug 13-17 ~ Day Trippers

Together we will discover the area’s hiking trails and local parks during this week of camp! We will spend the mornings exploring the natural areas nearby and the afternoons at camp experiencing traditional camp activities. We will visit destinations such as the Polly Ann Trail, Stoney Creek Metro Park, Paint Creek Trail, Bald Mountain State Park, and the Upland Hills School High Ropes Course. Destinations are subject to change; more information will be sent out closer the session start date.



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